Focused Growth is giving small to medium-sized business owners back their time by delivering expert digital marketing services to achieve more sales at less cost per lead.
We are an award-winning digital marketing company who can help you grow your online presence via bespoke and result driven digital marketing strategies. We take the time to understand your business and then recommend you the right plans to execute.
It’s no longer the big eats the small. It’s the fast beats the slow. In todays rapidly changing¬†hyper-competitive digital market, large multinational companies are simply not nimble enough to tap the potential of digital disruption to their business. All of this presents enormous opportunity for small to medium-sized business owners in progressive companies to foster innovative technologies, automate sales & marketing processes and deliver proven strategies which are only previously available to large corporates with deep marketing budgets.
At Focused Growth, we have developed a proven framework to get the maximum results for our clients. Our methodology can deliver powerful results from a single project to augment your internal digital marketing capabilities through to ongoing strategic outsourcing of the entire digital marketing capability for your business.
Let us help you build your business online today. Your journey starts now.

Why Partner With Us?


We have a combination of 386 years of digital marketing experience within our team.


Our services model cost 76% or less compared to employing an internal digital marketing resources.


We have a team of 19 subject matter experts who are dedicated to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.


We expect that on average we can save a business owner 16 hours per week in sales & marketing activities.