Focused Growth is giving small to medium-sized companies back their time by delivering expert automated lead generation services to achieve more clients at lower cost per lead.
We take the time to understand your business and then recommend you the right digital lead generation plans to execute. Whether you are a start-up or an established medium-sized company looking to scale, we have tailored Digital Marketing solutions to execute your marketing objectives.
Our Digital Marketer as a Service (DMaaS) package provides the depth and breadth of Digital Marketing services combined with an experienced and dedicated Digital Marketing team that would traditionally only be available to a large company with deep marketing budgets.
At Focused Growth, we have developed a proven growth framework for companies to get the maximum results. Our methodology is specifically tailored for small to medium-sized business to deliver powerful results from a single project to review your existing digital marketing capabilities through to ongoing strategic sourcing of the entire Digital Marketing capability to our team.
Let us help you build your business today. Your journey starts now.

Why Partner With Us?


We have deep IT industry knowledge; in fact, our Founder alone has more than 18 years of IT Sales & Marketing management experience.


Our aim is to provide you with unmatched value through depth and breadth of digital marketing capability combined with IT industry experience.


We have a team of 18 subject matter experts who are dedicated to help you achieve your digital marketing and lead generation objectives.


We expect that on average we can save an IT Consultancy management team 16 hours per week in sales & marketing activities.